Wanna Play a Game with the Elders?

Discussion created by Giulia Champion on Jun 24, 2020

Maybe you don't even know what an Elder is. It's just a member who has over a one-year quit.  And we have this silly little game that we play and we want YOU to join.  If you're new to the quitting process you simply add 1.  If you have over year quit, you subtract two  (Though we change the rules to help the newbies!)  But best of all, we kind of talk to each other while it's all going on and get to know each other better.   And that - to my mind, is the most fun part of the game.  There's a lot of playful "stuff" that goes on.  But it's subtle.  


Anyway  if you'd like to join - just click on this link:  Race to +/-20   Check it out.  It's also just a great craving distraction.  A moment out of your day when you say "I'M HERE AND I WANNA WIN!"  And speaking for myself only, with a 14 year quit, it keeps me connected to that quit.  And I just want all you Newbies to WIN.  So the more you beat up on us oldbies, the happier I am.  Well, within limits!  lol