Guilt and Regret

Discussion created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Jun 23, 2020
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I, like so many of us who have severe COPD, am often filled with guilt and regret for smoking. But this regret and dread just adds to my suffering often leaving me in a state of anxiety and depression. Today I came across this article I want to share with you. Yes, we smoked. But that is not the end all of the story. Here you can see that some of us are predisposed for lung disease. I didn't know this and it has helped me to have more Self Compassion and understanding of how I got this awful disease and how I can be kind to myself for smoking without knowing the rest of the story...

If Smoking Results in COPD, Why Hasn't the Incidence Gone Down? | American Council on Science and Health 

Now, this isn't an excuse but it is a reason - and I did quit smoking just 6 days after diagnosis. I wish I had never smoked but I did. I wish I had never got COPD but I did. Now, I just have to make the best of my Life Quality that I can. I hope I can bring some comfort to others who suffer from COPD - remember, You did quit! That's Self Care!

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