How Has Covid Changed Your Summer

Discussion created by Cousin-Itt on Jun 22, 2020
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  Summertime and Covid.  Joyce and I were talking over dinner If you want to call Brats and Hamburger on the grill with Baked Beans dinner  Water Mellon for dessert,  what we have missed due to the Covid 19 

   We have already missed out on some church festival which are a major thing here in Southwest Ohio. I would have attended 3 or 4 Reds games already. We didn't make our annual spring weekend trip into Ohio Amish Country or one of another weekend trip we would have taken somewhere in Ohio. Kentucky or Indiana.  Joyce and I enjoy going to small towns and different State Parks  The major thing this year for me is my fly in fishing trip to the Bush of Northern Ontario in July with my 3 brothers has been canceled.  OK Ready 1,2,3 Aww Poor Baby     Thank you I needed that   


   Our dinner ended with a piece of Water Mellon accidently flying off my fork and hitting Joyce in the forehead 

 It's all OK LIFE is STILL GREAT. She is safer working from home. We walk together Play games . We have more time together sometimes a little to much but that's ok. We have saved more money for our Alaska trip.  She stated tonight that since I've quit smoking I have become calmer and happier although she may be right I accidently had another piece of Water Mellon fly off my fork and hit her in the chin.     

  I could have had a lot of reasons to smoke but I don't want too, I don't need too. I just Don't



  Sorry for the long ramble just to ask                     Have you canceled or stopped anything do to the Covid Virus