Ewwww to snakes crawling across my feet!!!

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I may be a country girl but I don't like creepy looking spiders especially if they get in the house I got bit once on the hand looking for something in the basement I did kill that spider, boys that hurt it throbbed for a week BUT believe it or not I'll normally put them out with a glass and a piece of cardboard instead of killing them I do the same thing with bee's AND even hornets, I really don't mind snakes at all we've just got garden snakes BUT if I'm not expecting them and they slither by me it creeps me out! This morning I was hanging out a load of laundry and heard a small rustling noise BUT I didn't pay any attention to it then when I was going back into the basement a snake crawls across my feet which I wasn't expecting, it was right in the doorway I tried to get it out BUT instead it went in UGH so I have a snake in the basement I'm hoping it'll find its way out. Anyway here's a picture I took a couple of years ago Mark built a rock wall several years ago and of course the snakes love it   I just thought I'd share and maybe put a smile on someone's face,  you know there's Not a blessed thing on the face of this earth that is worth relapsing over besides it's just NOT an option anymore RIGHT!!!