The struggle is real

Discussion created by ncooper17 on Jun 11, 2020
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Hi Everyone,

This is my first time posting on here so please bear with me through my venting..

So it has been about 3 weeks since I stopped vaping. In high school I smoked my first cigarette and eventually switched over to vaping. I vaped for my first 3 years of college until I started to realize that it had become very addicted and dependent on it. My parents luckily convinced me to quit. Now I am 3 weeks without vaping and for the past few days I have been craving nicotine more than ever. I am at the point where vaping will actually make an appearance in my dreams.

I thought that after the first week or so the cravings would get easier to manage, but right now I feel weaker than ever and it is taking all my willpower to stop myself from driving to a gas station to get a nicotine fix. I keep reading my reasons for quitting but I somehow find it so easy to validate that vaping is okay and I should just go back so I am not as miserable. I miss the tingling I would get in my toes and fingertips when I would vape, the satisfying feeling of the fruity flavors hitting my throat and the extra boost of energy. Also, when I think about it, you only live once, so why am I not just doing what makes me happy? But does vaping really make me happy? I don’t even know.

Luckily I am spending the summer with my family so I have their support and I am not around other people who vape. However, when I go back to school in August, I will be around so many other people who vape. When I walk to class I will see at least 10 people who are vaping and I don’t even know how I am going to handle it. Sometimes I think I am just going to go back anyway, so why not go back sooner than later. I feel like I am loosing confidence in myself and I don’t think I can keep myself from vaping.

Anyway, I decided to post here since I felt like it may be helpful venting to people who understand the struggle and maybe get some advice on how to push through these really hard times. If anything at least writing this is helping me release some of these awful and guilty feelings and maybe I will gain a new supporters.

Thank you for reading,