Lower the Addiction Rate

Discussion created by Sztbwmn on Jun 6, 2020

Congress will never pass it. 

Nicotine is more addictive than COCAINE.

It is a 100% addiction rate. You light up, and you'll never stop.

It's NOT the taste. It's NOT the smoothness. It's NOT the packaging. It's NOT a habit. It's NOT the cost. It's the NICOTINE.

The companies load every cigarette with as much nicotine as possible. The companies want you addicted.

Our government at any time could have made it illegal to alter the cigarette this much. But congress wants the money. With policing the addiction rate could be lowered. If it is illegal to produce Moonshine, then limiting the tobacco industry can be done.

Always vote NO on tax increases. Always NO. The state wants to add 10 cents to a pack, but the company adds 50 cents to a pack. Smokers think it's the tax, but it just increases the profits. 

Harassment and the whole "you need to quit" game NOT only does nothing about the addiction, it is psychological abuse.

A smoker made a mistake, fell for a trap, and you say it's the smokers fault. I was 15 when I started and because of my mistake I'm going to die a slow painful death. A kid makes a mistake and you watch them die, because a company told you a lie.

Every cigarette found on someone underage should result in a $20,000 fine for the company. No supermarket or cashier should be responsible for stopping underage sales. The company should have to police their own product. The company wants to sell death in America, then hit them where it hurts. The wallet.