Saturday night dances n the good ol hockey game

Discussion created by Maki on Jun 6, 2020

Back home in my younger days , Saturday nights were all about three things . Either hockey , singing around the piano , or dancing to a live band at the community hall . Great fun . Every week was themed . Sock hops , country , ballroom , fifties sixties . Elvis and Buddy Holly to name a few . 

It would be great if ya all could bring Saturday night back and post your favourite songs every Saturday night starting next Saturday night at the music lovers clubhouse . We will give you the week to start getting your play list together . The excersise clubs I know would be grateful too for all your tunes too and those who lurk but shy to post . It would get us up moving n groovin .  It would lighten the quit atmosphere as well , cause darn , we all know quitting can have it's up and down days .  Bring decorations if you like and decorate the place with your memes and hey wanna lay out a lunch at midnight ? If so bring food too   everything is calorie free on line  so cake is allowed  .  Stop the craves n search the waves for your favourite songs , decorations or food . 

   Newbies please come share with us some of your favourites .  Join right in. It will be fun getting to know each other . 

What ya all think ?  Anyone interested ? It was just a thought I thought I'd throw it out here .

                                       Can I share this . How bout whoever opens the doors Saturday open with the title : 

                                                   Saturday Night Music : Fest With The Exes  

                                                                            It's our cue