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The beginning of the quit journey can be very uncomfortable. But here's the thing, You are uncomfortable because of the Addiction! You wouldn't have to do withdrawal if you weren't addicted in  the first place. 


Time seems to drag out in the first days but please remember that you didn't get hooked right away and you won't get clean overnight. A few weeks makes all of the difference. You will feel better soon! The physical withdrawal only takes about 3 days. The mental withdrawal takes just a few weeks for you to figure out how to recover from addictive thoughts. 


Nicotine Addiction doesn't only rob us of health and mind. It robs our sense of Self - our very spirits. Is it any wonder that it takes time to unhook from addiction?  Is it any wonder that we feel like we've lost touch with ourselves by withdrawing? Again, withdrawal is only necessary because of addiction! 


Under that smoke cloud of addiction is the real you! Our Creator heals not only our bodies, but our brains, our selves, our relationships. We are like a butterfly going through metamorphosis. And the emerging butterfly is truly beautiful. 


Answers to Kids' Questions About Butterflies | Scholastic


Every day you come here, may you be reminded of the breathtaking spectacular result of Nicotine Recovery! 

We who have quit smoking will continue to share in every image, every metaphor we can think of,  that YES it is worth it and YES you can do this! 


Each day makes the next more doable. You deserve FREEDOM! Keep stacking those days!