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Pet Adoptions?

Question asked by minihorses on May 20, 2020
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The covid-19 pandemic has been so weird for Americans.  We're used to be able to doing pretty much anything, anytime.  In an instant we were told to stay home, keeping a job or your business was not even considered.  Work from home, don't go out without a mask...  People wanted to get a pet since they were home a lot or got a pet for companionship for singles, seniors, to cope with the stress of the pandemic, etc. To be honest, even though I haven't gone out much in years so this stay at home thing isn't new to me but I still wanted to smoke.  I don't know why, I just did.  Animals can actually help us to quit smoking.  Stress relief is one way because if you're enjoying time with your pets and can't stick a smoke in your mouth, dog walking is exercise, and they just love when we might feel overwhelmed.  So I was wondering how many people have adopted a pet since the covid-19 outbreak?


I'll go first.  We were looking to adopt anyway before the pandemic. When it hit it was hard to adopt because the animals were being adopted out so fast the ones you looked at online might be gone in a few hours. We adopted a long hair kitten from the SPCA.  He's almost 8 months old, was pulled from a feral cat society with his brothers and sisters when they where about 3 months old but they couldn't get mamma.  He had severe bordetella (Respiratory disease) had worms and of course loaded in fleas. His foster family got him cleaned up groomed, parasites and bordetella treated, and loved him. He was socialized with their other foster kitties, the family's dogs and cat, and around kids. When he got here we were extremely surprised at how quickly he adapted and how well our 3 other cats accepted him.  He trusted them before he trusted us. We're still working on trust with us but he's coming around nicely.  Here's our new family member, Panzer (aka Floof):




Post your pets if you recently adopted one. I'd love to see anyone's new fur babies!