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Irritability and nicotine withdrawal

Question asked by kdilbeck on May 12, 2020
Latest reply on May 21, 2020 by PrimeNumberJD

Hello,  I have never been a smoker but my husband has been for over 35 years.  He quit about 2 months ago and so far he is using the patch.  My question is when he switches from the higher dose to the lower dose does the difference in the amount of nicotine that he receives cause the irritability and emotional roller coasters every time he goes down in the amount of nicotine?  He is on the 7mg now.  This is his 3rd step and final step.  He has been on this one about 2 weeks or maybe 3 and the irritability is crazy.  Its bad enough with the covid-19 and everything else that goes with it.  Not to mention we have both had to work through this - he is a truck driver and i am in waste removal so we are considered essential in our state.  I am just looking for some advice on what to expect and what to chalk up to the nicotine.  Thanks for your help.