(: Happy Mothers Day Weekend to all Moms :)

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Mothers day for alot of us is bittersweet my Mom passed away 8 years ago on the 26th of January 3 days after her 72nd birthday I helped my Dad settle her into a Manor after she'd  been in the hospital for almost 5 months she had so many health issues Dads health was suffering I helped in every way I could my Mum was on oxygen 7/24 for the last year or so of her Life she quit smoking 6 years before she passed after she broke her hip, I was with her when she passed away I sent Dad home that evening because I was worried about him not realizing that she'd be gone that night  a nurse woke me up at 2 in the morning and listened to her heart and pronounced her gone I remember just standing there dumfounded looking at my Mom. This is going to be a totally different kind of Mothers day for everyone this year

 here's a picture of my Mum, Mason and I at the Manor my daughter Mandy took the picture it's the last one taken it was18 days before she died, I love the expression on her face I'd been chasing Mason up and down the hallways..... he wore himself out so we turned the TV on for him it was a wonderful visit especially with Mandy and Mason with me.