7 Weeks Stay at Home

Discussion created by Ralph1955 on May 7, 2020
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Another Good Morning to you all. Today is my 7th week home; 7 weeks without seeing Mom, 7 weeks since my business was closed and 7 weeks that all of us had our lives turned upside down.  I'm hoping everyone is coping with this mess and continuing on the wonderful journey of NOPE.  Hard as it may be I'm surprised that I haven't heard from the Nico-Demon urging me to smoke.  If I'm not smoking now I never will again.  I passed the test.

So what's new.  Not a thing.  I rarely venture out because so many people refuse to wear a mask and ignore so many of the guidelines; especially distancing and that pisses me off to no end. Common Sense went out the window.  I go to my salon twice a week to check on things and it's sad to see an empty salon.  Our Governor began to reopen most of Florida but 3 counties, Palm Beach, Broward and Dade did not make the Phase 1 list. I'm in Palm Beach county.  I do not see my salon opening for another month and yet I continue to pay my landlord rent and pay my bills.  I had to swallow my pride and start a go-fund-me page on Facebook and some clients and friends donated.  Don't get me started on the government who have done so little for small businesses. They truly let us down.

My days are Long.  I walk the dog, watch TV and take walks or a bike ride. 7 days a week.  Like the rest of you I'm Over it all and want my life back.  I want to see Mom and I want, I want, I want...….  Other than that, it could be a lot worse and for so many it is.  Healthcare workers are exhausted and at their breaking point and my heart goes out to them.  Prayer helps. 


Love ya all