Beware the deception of "be my friend"

Discussion created by blakesgigi on May 1, 2020
Latest reply on May 2, 2020 by Marilyn.H.July.14.14.

Did anyone ever feel that butts were their best friend in the world?  Always there for you in stressful times, lonely times, good times, bad times.  Do you see a theme here?  Does you brain every tell you, "now that you quit, you must be really lonely and miss me."  Right?!!??!  WRONG.  I just had sort of a crying jag since I am by myself and don't have my crutch of smoking to be there for me.  And Fridays are the toughest.  That was the day I would buy a pack and only smoke on the weekends.  In my garage.  By myself.  Crazy, right?  Just wanted to come clean here and write it out so I could read it.  Man, how ridiculous but hey that's addiction.  Thanks for listening:)