Biggest trigger of all....

Discussion created by blakesgigi on May 4, 2020
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So quitting during a pandemic may seem crazy to some but it was what I had to do.  Just found out that my son, who still smokes, is in town and will be staying with me tonight. Yep, you guessed it, he is a trigger for me and I always used to smoke with him, bumming butts of course.  Because we all know that when you "bum" a butt, well that doesn't count; you aren't really smoking (junkie thinkin' at it's best!)  That is what I used to tel myself.  Yes, he knows I have quit and will not be smoking. I just wanted to post here so you guys have my back and I know I can come here for support.  Just typing this makes all the difference, really:)  




One puff away from a pack a day