I admire all you going through the process of quitting at this time

Discussion created by avian3 on Apr 28, 2020
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Whether it be contemplating quitting in the near future, first few days, weeks, month or years you have a lot of strength. I can honestly say if I just began to quit, I would put it off until the virus was over. One of my many excuse I used over the years.


I have not been able to get a mask for nearly 6 weeks. I made one but the constant and touching my face was not a help. I FINALLY got a notice I would receive them tomorrow. I was on cloud 9 knowing I can finally get out in public since they are mandatory here. But then I looked n the mirror and noticed after tripping over a rug in my clunky, orthopedic slippers a few days ago having to wear  for cavus deformity in my left feet, I caught those clunkers under a rug and fell flat on my face.Only last month after seeing my doctor I told those shoes are going to be the death of me if I ever trip and fall


There was only a bruise on my forehead but today the blood moved above my eyebrow and into the eyelid. This is my first black purple eye so I freaked .


I guess that means another four weeks in isolation unless I wear a beanie and large sunglasses.


Just a personal rant.


Things could be so much worse.  No matter what crazy thing you do at home, just remember DON'T SMOKE!! It will absolutely make nothing better.