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Good Morning, Everyone


I used to wonder, when my quit was new...  HOW LONG does it take to stop being uncomfortable?


I believe we are all very different in many ways, so there is no hard or fast answer to “How Long”, but... in my own personal experience I really do now “feel complete” without smoking!


In other words, there is a “Light at the end of the tunnel!"


I quit “Cold Turkey,” but everyone has choices if they need some help in the beginning, and I am referring to Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT).  Your Primary Care Physician would be the safe and appropriate choice to ask and discuss NRT options, and possible employment-related health insurance coverage of the cost.


If I can quit, you can too!  I started smoking at 15  years old and smoked for decades...  I suffer from COPD so I definitely know the health problems with smoking.  In my humble opinion, I believe that the “right attitude” is paramount in quitting.  Nicotine dependence is a terrible addiction...  And

cravings should not be feared or misunderstood...  A craving is a sign your physical addiction “wants” to smoke.  However, when we quit, we give ourselves the choice, to abstain from slowly killing our health with cigarettes...


The most wonderful thing about quitting is that your body knows exactly what to do to heal itself!  Being successful means we have to abstain from smoking, no matter what.  It really is that simple!  Just do not smoke, one day at a time, and you will be successful!  I learned this wonderfully simple solution from my mentor and friend, Troutnut1


I wish you all a very happy and smoke free Monday, and let’s all keep our beautiful quits, ok?  Rosemary