Idea For Small Businesses

Discussion created by minihorses on Apr 24, 2020
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I have had an idea roaming around in my crazy head for small business owners that have had to close their doors due to the corona virus.  I'd like some feedback on it and if it seems like a good idea I'd love for it to be posted on social media or other sites. 


While your business is closed how about painting the inside yourself and/or with help of family or volunteers (require masks and social distancing practices as needed)?  Items on walls would have to come down and they can be cleaned up.  If there are carpets they could be cleaned too with a rented steam cleaner or even one bought at the store.  Neither of those things cost much to purchase and when the business reopens the fresh inside could generate more revenue by attracting more people due to the margin of people that would choose your business because of it.


 I don't use social media at all, I deleted my facebook account after the hacking.  I only used to go on to look at family pictures and keep up with them occasionally. I have a twitter account (I think) but don't use it so I don't know how many tweets it would take to post it.  I think it would take a few tweets to get the whole idea on it. So if you think it's a good idea please let me know and any help you could give on getting this out there would be appreciated.


Masks on (I made mine from a purple bandanna to mach my hair) and keep your distance