Spring Gems

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   What's you favorite hidden spring gem in your city ?

   First I just want to say my Lilacs smell awesome as they are blooming So glad I quit smoking so I can enjoy them

  2 Favorite spring outings that Joyce and I enjoy in Cincinnati since I quit smoking and before the Covid 

  Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum the 3rd largest cemetery in the United States. In my opinion the most beautiful place in the City of Cincinnati especially in spring The history, headstones, statues, mausoleums, chapels and the tranquility and beauty.  Sadly due to the pandemic they are only open on Sundays 8 to 5 (If you are bored and looking for something to do search "Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum Cincinnati" "add images" to see amazing pictures

  The Cincinnati Zoo sadly this spring is closed.  The tulips right about now at the zoo are in bloom features more than one million daffodils, hyacinths, flowering trees, shrubs and other spring bulbs. Plus we mustn't forget the zoo babies 

  Eden Park Arboretum and Krohn Conservatory  Sadly the Conservatory is closed but Eden Park is partially opened 

  If you ever come to Cincinnati see these places remember no one come to Cincinnati for Professional Football 


  Joyce and I have discovered several other parks with great walking trails and over looks so all is still good.Spring Grove Cemetery

S G Cemetery Mausoleum & Chapel

Cincinnati Zoo