New Identity Theft Potential

Discussion created by minihorses on Apr 19, 2020
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Just a heads up on a new (or possibly old) identity theft risk.  I needed to place an order for vape juice for a friend that doesn't have any way to pay online.  Of course I had to verify my age before entering.  I checked out and got my receipt emailed to me.  A few days later I got an email saying


"Your order requires age verification"


"A photo ID is required because we were unable to automatically verify your age from your billing information. To upload your ID, please click the button below and follow the steps. We verify IDs nearly instantly, so it won't take long".


* I will not give the name of the 'verification' company because getting sued is not on my agenda this year.


It wants you to complete verification by taking a picture of your drivers license with your phone and send it to them OR you can hold your license up to your computer's camera and click the button on their site to take the picture and instantly send it.


I had a field day with both the ordering website and alerted the FCC.  I told my friend what happened and she was so sorry she had me order from there and said she'd let me look around for a better option within her budget. 


Just because we're mostly restricted at home, be careful out there!  It's prime picking for ID theft and scams since so many of us are online.