I’m bored today but instead of smoking this is what I did today I found this little guy

Discussion created by Christine_Aka_Legend on Apr 14, 2020
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I’m glad I don’t smoke anymore I can wake up in the morning and plan my day without smoke breaks. I see new people asking how long it will be before they can have a day without wanting to smoke. Don’t give up in time you will see life gets better without smoking. I would smoke over anything bad, sad, anger, boredom or anxiety. I see people here needing some kind of hope that one day they can feel the same way I do and yes you can have this feeling also just don’t give up hang in there. Stay busy when you get triggered and want to smoke it really helps to get your mind on something else. Today I am bored and in the past I would have smoked over that but I have been trying to get a picture every day of this squirrel that has the biggest pretty tail and instead I found a little opossum on our porch eating the cat food we had out there. I have been hearing a creepy growl in my air vent on my floor in my bedroom late at night and I think this is the little guy making that noise freaking me out. I did have an opossum in my air vent in the past I saw him looking up at me and then he ran off through the air vent to the other side of the house. I will keep trying to get a picture of that squirrel with the pretty tail but no smoking allowed when I am bored anymore. I made a permanent commitment not to smoke and I am keeping that commitment no matter what happens.


Here is this little guy lurking around today on our porch so I got some pictures of him.






Here is my quit kit if anyone wants to peek around and read and watch some videos that can help you with this addiction.


I’m wishing the best for everyone here.