Ungrateful People

Discussion created by Gai.C on Apr 15, 2020
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So I work at Walmart.  I'm a Department Manager of Dairy.  Walmart has started metering Customers in. Everyday something changes. Last Friday  they started talking Our Temperature.  They ask 4 Questions if U answer any of them Yes then u go to Another area and are asked 3 more Questions  and the A panel of Managers will decide if u need to go home after taking your Temperature.  Anyway  they've Also said Only one person per household can come in at a time. The Associates at the doors have been cussed at threatened yelled at . We are trying to Help keep People from getting sick but some Customers just don't care. We are Only using one door because they won't comply with the Instructions of Only 1 per household. This is so Crazy.  Limiting buying of certain items so that Everyone can get what they need. I pray this is Over soon. Stay Safe Everyone