Sick or healing?

Discussion created by Desdeyne22 on Apr 12, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2020 by Maki

I quit 25 days ago. I’m an asthmatic with chronic bronchitis and am very scared of getting very sick if I get the Coronavirus. I quit out of fear. This is the most motivated I’ve ever been to give my lungs a fighting chance. This is where my problem comes in. My chest tightness is ridiculous. I feel winded walking up the stairs and I get dizzy often. Everything that I read about Covid-19 makes these things symptoms. But then again everything that I read about quitting smoking after 30+ years also makes these things symptoms. So I’m left confused and anxious. I also have anxiety which could also be causing these symptoms. Is anyone else feeling these things? Am I alone in this fresh hell?