Smoking vs. Covid-19

Discussion created by marciem on Apr 12, 2020
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I know there is no logical answer to this, but sitting here in my lockdown on Easter, watching my grandkids hunt eggs in their backyard 300 miles away instead of laughing and hunting with them and helping them, well... here I am pissed off....


According to CDC, smoking is responsible for 480,000 deaths PER YEAR just in the United States.  No numbers for worldwide, I didn't look.


The current count for Covid-19 deaths is 22,000 (give or take) in the United States,  113,000 deaths worldwide (if you can believe the numbers from various countries).


So we are all on lockdown for this, but cigarettes are still legal.  I wish they had outlawed them when the dangers first became known.... I would have bitched and screamed about it then, but would have had to quit... and I probably/definitely wouldn't have lung cancer and COPD now.


Not saying that social distancing and other measures are inappropriate for this pandemic, I'm saying that allowing the legality of something known to cause that many deaths EVERY YEAR, not just a couple, is .... well I have no words.


Done with my rant.


Happy and Blessed Easter, All!