Quit for baby

Discussion created by rjb on May 29, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2008 by rjb
I found out I was pregnant a few months back with my first. So I quit. I didn't have the option of cheating. My life has been hell. Sadly, I've been more depressed about not smoking than I am excited about being a new mom. It depresses me even more to think like that. My entire family smokes. I can't escape it. My husband, in-laws, all my friends etc. So I've just locked myself away in my bedroom hoping it gets better. At first, I really thought I might die. Now, I'm fine as long as I'm all alone and in a controlled environment. I'm starting to get a bit lonely though. I tried to socialize again tonight but it was too hard when the group went outside to light up. Hopefully, after all this trauma to quit I don't go back after the baby gets here. My advice, since its been about three months...stay away from ALL temptations. If it means, pretend you have a bad case of the stomach flu and stay in bed then do it. It is the only thing that got me through. I have hardly any will power.