Deb - 2 Months - 2 Weeks Smoke Free - Deserves Some Luv and Congratulations!

Discussion created by manofsteele on Jun 4, 2008


I Just Saw A Post Where Deb Had a 10 Week Smoke Free Journey Started and I wanted to do my part to let her know We Luv To Party and We Can Thank Her For Another Opportunity To Sing And Dance Because She Is Proving It Can Be Done!!

I Salute You Deb with 2 Snoopy's ( for months) and a 2 Cymbal Salute (for weeks)
We Would Luv to See You In Here A Lot. We also Invite you To Our Daily Pledge That Helpd Build a Strong Foundation to Keep Your Journey Strong and Going In the Right Direction =====>>>>> whooooooo hooooooo !!