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Today is day 46, and starting yesterday after receiving my mail through this mornings *** problems and more problems just moments ago discovering standing water beneath my washer and dryer.   Earlier today there was water on the kitchen floor coming from the direction of the dish washer.   The dish washer gets used maybe once a month,  It was about 2 weeks ago when last used. Which has not been resolved either, but I did turn off the water going to the dishwasher and washing machine.

I know why this is such an issue with me, that dang Nico Devil is messen' with me, these problems are fixable.   One big problem that I received in yesterdays mail was from my homeowners insurance co. telling me I need to remove trees from my property or else.  Many people in rural areas of Northern CA have just flat had their homeowners insurance not renew.   I personally know several in my community that have had this happen.  Also some of my friends that have homes that border the National Forest have received insurance premiums of $7,000/yr. for their $250,000 home.  My policy did increase $400 last year. 

I was given a chance, guidelines to follow in order to be insured.  Trees and vegetation within 100' of a building must be spaced at least 20' apart.  I've been living at this location for 18 years and have removed 31 small pine trees myself, selectively picking them to maintain my seclusion and have hired a tree service to remove 5 that were too big and too close to the house for me to even think about falling.   So, back to the required guidelines, this morning with boyfriend by my side, 100' tape and 2 can of spray paint in hand we began.  When done we had marked 52 trees that required removing.  So sad, not all of these trees are a threat, but I have to have insurance!   I believe with boy friends help we will be able to fall 'and clean up most of the trees on he back side of the property,  25 or so the rest will be hired out.  Because of my house location and fencing the trees will need to be climbed and taken down in sections.  I could be looking at a $10,000 +- price tag.  Dang!  I typed "Dang instead of * * * * , cuz I was able to come here and unload on you folks!  Thank you!   What timing, I do believe I am in KNOW MANS LAND!!!   I came so close to heading up to the gas station for a pack. I was in tears I'd had it!!!   Ralph said you've done so well, don't go, get on the computer with your group.   I'm not even gonna proof read this, it's going out to you as is>  Just being here doing this, knowing someone is out there has gotten me over the big challenge I think.  Now I'll just get though this last bit of tears and I'll pick up my pieces and carry on!  THANK YOU EX FRIENDS!!