Answered Prayers and Thanks

Discussion created by Mandolinrain on Apr 1, 2020
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We just got word that my husbands cousin had the tube removed today and is breathing on his own using little assistance with Oxygen. He has facetimed his kids wants everyone who prayed for him to know the thoughts and prayers were MUCH appreciated.


Dr. Duc C. Vuong has a YOUTUBE video that is the best I have seen that describes what happens IF you get this Virus. Its called  "How  COVID-19 KILLS and Why we can't save you" I highly recommend you watch it. He has daily update videos but this one in particular, please watch, please  pay attention, and PLEASE follow the social distancing limits and any further instructions to make sure you never go through this, because it is a freakiing nightmare!

God Bless and Keep you all and thanks SO MUCH for the prayers, they DO INDEED WORK! Amen!