Loneliness and Fear for all

Discussion created by Ralph1955 on Mar 31, 2020
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Hello my friends.  I pray you are all doing well and are safe and healthy.  How the World has changed in the last few weeks.  Who would have ever thought we'd be living as we are right now.  It's a very difficult time for us all and I know the Stress and Anxiety are off the charts.  We are all strong people and will not turn back to smoking due to these dire times in our lives.  Continue to take the Pledge N.O.P.E.  We can do this.  

Many of us are out of work and separated from family and friends and it's a tough situation, especially those of us with elderly parents.  I haven't seen my mom in 3 weeks due to her facility being on Lock Down.  As many of you know my mom has dementia and cannot fully understand what's going on.  When we talk on the phone or do Facetime all she does is cry asking why we haven't seen her.  It is so difficult to explain what's going on and it leaves my sister and I feeling lost and helpless.  Dad has been gone for 6 months now and speaking with my sister she feels as if we've lost our mom and a bigger fear is, at 90 years old, she will succumb to the isolation and loneliness.

I don't know when this is going to end and how life will be changed for all of us.  We are living in a time that has so much uncertainty and our leaders, instead of working together, are at odds.  That is not helpful at all and I say Shame on them.  While our businesses are closed and most of us out of work, we ponder our future and pray we have something to go back to when it's all over.  My business has been closed for over a week; I closed before it was necessary to keep my staff and clients safe.  

I wanted to reach out to you all and include you in my prayers.  Now, that's all we can do.  Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Hope for a better future.

Miss ya all,