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Discussion created by Cousin-Itt on Mar 30, 2020
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I was really never at good at letting stupid things go. I would let the dumbest things buildup inside until I would go do something. Two things happened yesterday I wasn't  even going to mention them but I find myself still this morning letting it bother me.

 I found out late afternoon a friend of mine is in ICU pneumonia due to virus right after I got off the phone the second thing came about.  My oldest granddaughter called upset over the term Boomer Remover which I had no idea what it meant.  When she told me what it meant I was a little taken back and found myself with my hand in the pouch on my chair where I use to keep my cigarettes.  At the end I told her not to worry over stupid things and I had to promise her I would be extra careful. 

I need to take my own advice but it just bothers me 

This will give you a idea what I'm refering too one of many I found     I know it shouldn't bother me but when you know someone who probably die from it  




Found on Twitter or what ever people call I left the young girls name off

corona virus:
-what even is a corona??
-sounds stupid

boomer remover:
-cool as f@%k
-boomers are being removed
-goodbye old people