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Discussion created by Mandolinrain on Mar 29, 2020
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So we just found out Marty is considered 'Mild' now and not "Serious'. He still has fluid on his lungs.

The plan is to wake him tomorrow and she how well he does breathing on his own with minimum settings on the Vent. They will take him off then if things go well. Probably won't know till tomorrow evening. Vitals are good. They are watching blood 02 Sat alot and taking arterial blood gases daily.

Please keep prayers going. I thank all those who continue to pray. Prayer works!


Myself, I just am developing Shingles. Lucky me. I have had it before but not like this. My entire right side of from armpit down to bottom ribs are on fire. Started yesterday...I'm on antiviral so hopefully it will lesson the rash when it appears.

Geese, what's next? My DIL says the increase stress and alot of folks are breaking out with it right now. ( She's a Director in Nursing Dept.) Anyway, this too shall pass. Not worth smoking over , which is exactly how I would have handled this before.

I am fine~To ornery for me own good! It's been said bad things happen n three's so I should be all caught up now. But just so you know, good things happen in three's as well. Amen for Him!