The Theremin

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A Sunday diversion:


Today's quiz:  what musical instrument do you play without touching it?  Raise your hand if you have the answer.


While doing some snoping around I discovered this instrument.  Blew me away.  Ever heard of it?  I'll bet Dale has.  I've heard the sound it makes (from all those old sci fi movies), but never thought about what kind of instrument would play that music.  I guess I just assumed it was a wobbling violin or like paying the saw or something.  


It's actually quite fascinating and amazing.  If you're bored out of your mind (or even if you're not), click on the links below.


THEREMIN - Over The Rainbow - YouTube 


A Brief History of the Theremin | Albert Glinsky - YouTube 


Ennio Morricone - The Ecstasy of Gold - Theremin & Voice - YouTube 


Carolina Eyck and her theremin | Carolina Eyck | TEDxDornbirn - YouTube 


I love what Carolina Eyck said in that Ted Talk above:  "Try to learn from the way you are thinking and feeling and try to accept every sensation because they are a part of you.  Once it is possible for us to reach the state where we can accept and there's no judgment anymore, you feel free. ...This freedom allows our soul to connect deeply with the music.  If you are one with yourself, people will hear your soul in the music because you ARE the music."


And here's the instrument in an orchestra: 

 KATICA ILLÉNYI - Once Upon a Time in the West - Theremin - YouTube