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Top Places choice - who decides?

Question asked by Giulia Champion on Mar 29, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2020 by Mark

I made the mistake of going to my profile page and actually examined it.  The largest box is the picture box on the upper right.  Really?  And if you don't have any pictures, then it's just a big blank grey box.  I guess if photos is the largest box, that does truly indicate that this has become a social media site.


Then I went further trying to find the content I had featured before.  Had to scroll down past the reward summary,  but I did find it.  At least one of the things I had up there.  I don't quite remember putting the Elder's List as one of my featured content, but perhaps I'm wrong about that.  Find it kind of interesting that the reward summary comes above our featured content.  Personally, I rather feature my content than my rewards.  But - that's just me.


And then I looked at the "Top Places" category and noticed it said "E-Cig and Vape Quitters and Users."  Interesting.  I have earned 0 points in that group in the past 30 days let alone hardly visited that group.  And thus my question.  What parameter is being used to determine what a member's "Top Place" is?  I have certainly spent a LOT more time in other areas of this site than THAT and would certainly prefer, if I had a choice, to illuminate those places.  


It doesn't really matter.  It is what it is.  Just sitting here shaking my head.