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Whew! Im 8 days in and i cant freaking breathe!

Question asked by tiffanisaltkill on Mar 24, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2020 by Barbscloud

Ok so I found this site before I quit and I've been reading everyone's comments.  You guys are all so kind and helpful with eachother!

I am 8 days in. Still having cravings after I eat but not too bad. I had to quit cold turkey because iam awaiting a back surgery and had to quit to get it accepted by the insurance company.  No complaining, I needed and wanted to do it. Just paying the price of being forced to go cold Turkey.  

Day 4 I started feeling like i just ate a huge meal...when i did not... then started wheezing. Day 5 my while rib cage felt like I'd been hit by a truck everywhere. Super painful.  And mind you, right now iam on narcotics to help with the back pain, and I can still feel this pain in my ribs. I am not able to cough a lit because when I do I worsen the back pain a lot. Been using humidifier and taking hot showers.  I'm on day 8 and still no improvement.  I'm seeing a lot or people saying that they have tightness in the chest during withdrawal.  Is what I'm feeling normal?! How long is this going to last?! Help!