What I'm Doing Today, Thoughts and a PSA

Discussion created by Cousin-Itt on Mar 22, 2020
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   I miss shopping I loved using my credit card It seems every time I used it the cashier would say Strip Down it was embarrassing at first but I followed directions and I always survived.  To survive this outbreak we as a nation need to follow directions From Social Distancing, Isolation to  Quarantine if need be.  Hey it's just like trying to quick smoking. Follow the advice given and quitting can become a reality.  Follow the rule and beating this virus will become a reality.

  Things I'm doing today I could choose to be bored or choose to o something a little bit different. Well I made a choice to make home made bread I am letting the yeast rise now.  I will be pulling out my lawn mower to change the oil and clean it make sure it starts If the weather man is right I want to cut grass Thursday weather service calling for temps in the low 70s. I will try to get garden ready also.  To hell with the virus just let me get outside in my yard.  

  Another thing   Who ever said the world is round?  They lied!
  My world right now is rectangular here I am in a rectangular home in a rectangular room I haven't left the house in 6 days I take that back I've been in the back yard which is also rectangular.    You know Rectangular may be a good thing.  Round is a bad thing   Everything gets spread  aROUND.  spread this aROUND,  spread that aROUND the virus gets spread aROUND  Have you ever heard anything get spread rectangle   Yes rectangular is safe 


This is my Public Service Announcement  (BB at 3 months I haven't seen in 3 weeks)


BB looks just like me Notice the receding hair line and fat cheeks

Off to my Lawn Mower    Baked Whole Chicken for dinner tonight

What are you doing Today.