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  OK I guess we are all just a little concerned about the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Or should we complain about the gentleman in Chattanooga Tennessee  who was selling hand sanitizer for up to $70 on Amazon and is now stuck with 17,700 bottles of hand sanitizer due to Amazon closing his account as reported by the New York Times

OR WE CAN CELEBRATE THE 32nd NATIONAL PI DAY HOLIDAY of course I celebrate mine the traditional way I invite friends and family over. I hand out a assortment of different size circles I cut out with math problems on the back It would be a great time but no one shows up.  Other ways to celebrated is by baking pies I myself prefer peach if you intend to share otherwise bake or make what you like.  Here in Cincinnati they have discounted Pizza Pies So you can have a Pizza Party where friends and family will show up. Or better yet grab you children / grandchildren or even your better half and make your own Pizza Pie.  Since Joyce and I are in isolation mode we have decided on making a Pizza

Pie Together

 How are you celebrating?

  All items listed above are a great way to stay busy and beat any urge you may have

  On a good note Joyce and I are very lucky. Last night all 3 sons called and my favorite niece July (note: her real name is April which I have never called her) all called at different times telling us to remain home and they would take care of picking up anything Joyce and I need. Makes us feel real good I do love my family  


Enjoy your Day