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This is a response to the post of Cousin-Itt  (THANK YOU!) and to anyone else who may have missed me. I think I may have forgotten to post on Tuesday evening that I flew out early Wed AM to visit my son and family in Tennessee (they are 3 hours from Nashville and were not affected by the tornado, BTW).


Anyway, my laptop battery died and I am blessed with a tech-savvy grand-daughter who just replaced it late today. I am still totally smoke-free!! And all's well. I will return to the site in the morning to take the pledge, shout my stats, and get caught up with the posts I have missed while offline. Trust all is going well for all you EXers :-)


I left northern New York with snow on the ground and a temp of 28 degrees F. Here in TN, it has been sunny and warm (70 degrees today), the grass is green, pear trees are in blossom, and daffodils are up and opened. Life is good.


I will return home on Wed. the 18th and get to my house about midnight so probably not be posting on that day. I am still smoke-free and  committed to NOPE, no matter what!