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I'm very grateful they've started going, at least somewhat, into quitting e-cigs over traditional smoking. That's especially relevant to me, as I'm not going through this program to quit normal cigarettes, I'm here to stop vaping. I quit traditional cigarettes YEARS ago and it was, in my opinion, FAR easier than quitting vaping. With cigarettes there's more obvious negative facets; the smell (that permeates EVERYTHING), the taste (good and bad aspects here), and (for me at least) the acute health effects like sinus infections. All of these together allowed me to literally ball up a pack of smokes and toss them.


Vaping however, there are far fewer immediately negative things going on. The smell is GREAT, the taste is wonderful, and the only acute health effect you suffer from is likely going to be chest congestion. I've literally "quit" vaping a dozen times over the last 5 years, and it's awfully bloody difficult. Thankfully, the recent ban on flavored e-cig juice has helped to make vaping a little less fun. Still, it's far cheaper than smoking cigarettes, and the far-reaching health effects remain in question. The FACT that pushes me on to quit; I undeniably FEEL BETTER a week after I put e-cigs down. That and the obvious fact that if you're inhaling a foreign substance into your lungs, it's clearly NOT something that's going to "help" you. 


For the....5th time I think, I'm back to the patch. But I'm doing it right, starting at 21 mg first. Faith, perseverance, and the simple idea of "one day at a time" is the only way to beat nicotine. Praying for us all. 


- M