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Discussion created by jeremy5 on Jun 5, 2008
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My daughter and wife have been on me to quit for quite some time now. I've tried (not really) to quit a couple times, but failed. On May 17th I received a phone call from my x-wife's husband Steve. (we all get along). He told me that my x-wife (Amy) passed away that morning in her sleep. My wife and I, in tears, went back to my daughter's room to somehow tell her about her mother. She began to cry, because I was crying and couldn't speak. She kept asking "what's wrong daddy, what's wrong?". I was sobbing hard and my mind was racing for the words to say to my sensitive and loving eleven year old. Not really knowing what to say other than the truth, I pulled her to the floor. After a moment I told her between sobs: "Kayla.....Your mom died this morning" She began to cry while holding me so tight. It was killing me inside seeing her in so much pain. To get to the point, the first words out of her mouth were "You HAVE to stop smoking daddy!". Of all the reactions or things she could have said, that was it. That's all it took. How could I not honor her wishes after that? So here I am on this site, in this forum, with others who have made such a hard choice to quit smoking. I'm a non-smoker now, and thanks to God and my wonderful daughter and wife, I'm looking forward to living a long, smoke free life that I will no longer take for granted.