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Smoking in the house

Question asked by BobKatt22 on Mar 7, 2020
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I just had a PFT (Pulmonary Function Test) done 80% or higher is good. In 2018 I had one done and my result was 83%, I quit smoking in March of 2019. For financial reasons in April Of 2019 I Rented a room from a childhood friend. (She smokes) she told me that she would either smoke in the basement or her room ( she never lived up to that end of the bargain) in September of 2018 I had another PFT done and my score was 79%. The dr. Said that with age our body starts to wear down so a small decrease is normal and 78% was close to average for my age so not to worry about it. I just had another one done last week and my percentage went down to 69% the Dr. said in only 5 months my percentage should have not gone down 10% more. He told me to limit my exposure to second hand smoke. I told my roommate and she told me “what do you expect me to do? Not smoke in my own house?”  I said that my health was at stake here. She told me she “would try not to smoke around me but if she is smoking in the living room and I walk in the room that I can just go into my room “  I told her that I could still smell the smoke in my room and she told me that “ it’s my house and I’m going to smoke in my F’in house if I want to “ I told her that my health was at stake and I needed to find another place to live.... my question is it is her house ..... do I have the right to tell her that she can’t smoke in her own house?