Day 5

Discussion created by Ohkayt on Mar 5, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2020 by elvan

So far my day has been good. I woke up and didnt think of a cigarette first thing. That's a huge step for me. Its becoming my new normal. This page is extremely helpful. Anytime I'm having a craving I just log in and type how I'm feeling. And today I'm not so much craving, but more so checking in. I am nervous about tonight because I'm going out for drinks with my coworkers. I might just pass on the drinking part since that is what ruined my first quit a couple years back. And I was much further along in my quit (10 months). That and this weekend I will be visiting my mom who smokes alot. I know she will be conscious about me quitting and ask me if she needs to go to the other room. But we will be filling out my wedding invites, so I dont want to put her out of her own home to smoke. So it might be a rough few days. I'm going in knowing it will be uncomfortable, but also knowing I'm strong enough not to break my streak.