The Gift of Love

Discussion created by Giulia Champion on Mar 5, 2020
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I went to our Cookeville Community Center today to drop off a small box of  canned goods.  They really didn't want to take it, but because it was small enough to fit, they made an exception.


I sent in an email to which said:  "I have a 16" chainsaw and could come and help cut up some of the smaller debris (if there is any).  Let me know if you want my help. Phone XXXXXX.   Last I heard no more volunteers were needed.  How beautiful is THAT!"


I didn't tell them I was 70 years old.  Figured they might not accept my offer!  lol


This was was the response:


Due to an overwhelming amount of people reaching out, this auto-reply has been set up with some common questions.
Volunteers, thank you for your interest! We are overwhelmed with responses for this and are very appreciative! For today, we are asking volunteers to stay clear of the impacted area while crews work to make the area safe for volunteers. You can stay updated on volunteer opportunities by following the Putnam County EMAs Facebook page.
For those of you that have contacted us with resources and equipment, we will add you to a list of resources and may contact you at any point. Thank you for all of these generous offers.
As for donations, we are temporarily asking for only financial contributions at this time. Our donation center is currently full, but we will be in need again in the future.
For financial contributions, the Cookeville Putnam County Tornado Relief Fund has been opened for monetary donations. You may take them to any of the 19 Bank of Putnam County branches to contribute.
If you are offering resources to the impacted people, it is a good idea to post those resources to Hip Cookeville and Cookeville Strong Facebook pages.
If you need resources, please call 931-646-INFO (4636).
Thank you again for reaching out!
And then I think about the fact that our state had the first coronavirus stat today.  Life's funny, isn't it?  And I have no doubt whatsoever that we shall overcome.
Hate keeps some of us together with such an awful passion, but LOVE does too.  It's quieter.  And Love heals where Hate hurts.  I am blessed to live in this community.  Just - had to put it out there somewhere.  And the Where is on EX.  Because I know the hearts that are here who understand exactly what I'm talking about.
When you live in a place where every day people are just genuinely NICE, helpful, caring, go out of their way to help you, talk to you, pass the time of day... well  that's kind of like what living in Heaven is to my mind.  
Be full of Love.  Love is what keeps our quits.  When you think about it.  Love for that Best part of us.