Doggie headache

Discussion created by Maki on Mar 2, 2020
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My grandog ( love her so much ) is sitting here with an ice pack on her head . Poor thing took a leap for the couch and whacked her head on the heavy heavy glass coffee table . Ouch !

She hit it so hard she lifted the glass not too mention left her with a doozy of a bump on her head .. ( she is under close watch ). 

This poor thing , what a trooper . She has severe allergies which need attending to every day and has chronic yeast infections , but she never complains and if tended to everyday is quite under control . It took work on our part to find the right food , find the right non prescrip meds and the right shampoos , but from where she was a few years ago oh my gosh she looks so happy , so content other than hot spots on occasion easily controlled now , and healthy . She is just grateful for the love and I know grateful she was brought to a family who takes care of her like their own child.  She just is the best cuddly dog ever . Many would have put her down . 

My kids are awesome pet owners and I'm so grateful . I am one lucky grandma to be her babysitter for a few days .. she is the best thing ever ! She lost her buddy a year ago , another love of my life , and we lost my other grandog several years ago to cancer when he was just six . He too was brought to us at a very special time in our life and taken too soon , but his job was done . 

Why am I sharing lol I have no idea ... perhaps to tell you if you own a pet they are so grateful you are smoke free . That's it's worth it to them too .

When I think I could be on the deck blowing smoke out my mouth into her face and fur making me sick and her ,  I'm grateful for my smobreity . She's got her walking shoes to protect her feet from the grass allergies and I got my walking shoes to help me with my lungs , and together we walk ... but for today I think I'll just spoil her here on my lap .