A Little Fish Story

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  That time of year the smell of fish is in the air. Which brings me to probably the most well known fish sandwich in the USA The McDonalds Filet-o-Fish
  Did you know the Filet-O-Fish originated in Cincinnati in 1962. Here's the story Mr. Lou Groen purchased the first      McDonalds Franchise here in Cincinnati. His business had a great following everyday except on Fridays. You see Mr. Groen opened his McDonalds in a area that was predominantly Catholic, 87% Catholic to be exact and they did not eat meat on Fridays. Mr. Groen approached the owner of McDonalds Ray Kroc with his fish sandwich idea. Mr. Kroc had a hard time accepting the idea of fish in his restaurant because of the smell plus Mr. Kroc had a different idea for a meatless sandwich called a Hula Burger (grilled pineapple, slice of cheese on a bun) That led to a bet between the 2 man. Mr. Kroc came to Cincinnati with his Hula Burger one Friday during lent to have a competition against Mr. Groen and his fish Sandwich and who ever sandwich sold the most would become a mainstay on McDonalds menu. Rumors have it Mr. Groen Fish Sandwich out sold the Hula Burger 350 to 6 on that Friday.
Other interesting facts the first Filet O Fish was Halibut and sold for 50 cents Mr. Kroc wanted the sandwich to be cheaper and changed to a cheaper fish so the sandwich could sell for 25 cents. By 1965 the fish sandwich was served at all McDonalds Nationally. Yes that McDonalds was opened up on North Bend in Monfort Heights a suburb of Cincinnati and to this day a McDonalds has always been on that location. Yes I have eaten in that McDonalds every year since it has opened.   As of today it is a mile from me.

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