Outside my door

Discussion created by Maki on Feb 27, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2020 by Christine13

Outside my door I heard a man coughing , nasty cold he had I thought , but It wasnt a cold it was smoking .

I'd forgotten about that nasty cough , because I don't have it anymore . 


Outside my door I heard that man out on his deck often  ... I noticed he is new to the neighbourhood ...  he was needing to feed his addiction .

I'd forgotten that constant need to go in and out .. I don't need to anymore . 


Outside my door I can smell the smoke although its a distance away. Gosh it smells !

Glad I don't smell like that anymore . 


Outside my door I've seen some butts perhaps they've blown in the wind . I worry about fire .  I'm glad my littering won't cause a fire , cause I don't smoke anymore . 


I wonder does that man have kids ? I bet he's a loving father that got caught up in addiction , I hope he faces denial soon and like us won't smoke anymore .