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~~Nobody else really knows the stories we face every day.  The stories we shed and leave behind.  The new stories we dare to live our days trying to create for ourselves and our babies.  The ghosts we have to shake off time and time again.  That's why you've got to love yourself, darling.  Because only you can ever really know just how brave you are, only you know what you have to face every day; what you have to wade through in order to have the sun kiss your brow as you make yourself walk up that hill again and again.  So stop giving yourself a hard time.  You are made of what all heroes are made of.~~  S.C. Lourie


I just had someone ask me why I push 'loving yourself' so hard.  Especially on a quit smoking site but even in my 3-D life as well.  Because, yes, even here at work I say things like "Be Your Own Hero" and "You deserve your love and respect". 


Because no one else truly knows your stories.  No one else knows how broken you've felt yet carried on.  No one else knows your courage, your strength, your wisdom in facing what you have to face each and every day. 


And it's not that people don't care.  They do.  Especially here!  But they aren't you and they will never know what it takes to be you.


So love yourself.  Accept who you are....the flaws, the faults, the mistakes, the talents, the skills.  And in each piece of what makes you you, find the peace in that.  Because all those little character traits that you may hate?  Together, they create what the universe needs so badly.....the you who is meant to shine.  And you can shine your brightest if you are ok with who you are. 


So stop hiding those thighs   Stop apologizing for not being perfect.  Stop analyzing why you aren't more.  And just love yourself.  Simple and so very, very vital.  Just love yourself.  The rest will come.  Easier.  Slower.  More peaceful.  Because that's what loving yourself does for your world.  You may even be able to quit smoking


And that's why I push loving yourself.