I Knew I Could

Discussion created by Cousin-Itt on Feb 20, 2020
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  I read a book yesterday. It stated to achieve success you need to work hard, How optimism and believing in yourself is a major part of reaching your goal. It's about being brave and keeping your eyes on the prize. Taking pride in your accomplishments and the benefits of a job well done.  Yes a amazing book. The cost of the book is minimal compared to other self help books.

  It made me wonder. Since I am a addict did I make things harder than they should have been. how much of the simple little things in life have I missed out on because I was always stressing myself out even early on in my quits. Making things more difficult than they had to be. Why couldn't I just accept the things I was taught that I mentioned above and apply them to my life. Why as a addict did I wait so long to accept the simple. Like take smoking / drugs off the table   Just like a simple basic book that only takes a few minutes to read 

 I had a tough time with KISS or Keep It Simple Stupid  OH the books name   "The Little Engine That Could"  by Watty Piper  

I bought it for my grandson BB yesterday for when he gets bigger 


Have a great everyone 

From Sunny Southwest Ohio