Is Anyone Interested in belonging to a No Man's Land Group?

Discussion created by SuzyQ411 on Feb 18, 2020

I have fielded my interest in belonging to a No Man's Land Group for those of us smokers who are in the at-risk period of approximately 30 days to 130 days of our quits. As I understand it, this is a time frame when many relapses occur.


As I want this to be my last quit and am moved to do all that I can to maintain my quit. I'm sending this out to you members of EX.


Two other members have expressed an interest to me in being members of such a group.


And, Mark has sent me a link to explain the process for requesting to start a new group.


I have a few questions regarding this:


  • Are there others interested in such a group?
  • Is there anyone willing to start and coordinate such a group?


I am thinking we may best be served if someone with more time of being smoke-free than we'd be, and is more familiar with the process of NML may be a better coordinator for such a group.


Please use this forum to express interest in joining such a group, to offer a willingness to initiate and coordinate such a group, and to field any questions or comments you may have.


I really appreciate any/all comments ~ Suzy