Want to quit!!!!!!!!!

Discussion created by Twiztedangel92 on Feb 16, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2020 by Pops

I want to quit so bad... I had every excuse in the book not to but every reason I need to.. I only have one fully functioning lung. I am pregnant for the third time. Each time I quit towards the end.. this time I'm nearing the end and I dont see a quit in sight... my addict brain tells me how are you going to stop doing something you've done for 15+ years? Even when I have trouble breathing I still dont see it as a problem... I know it's a problem and most of the time I hate the way it smells, tastes, it gives me headaches or nausea even outside of pregnancy.. but I am still smoking... I want to quit so bad and never pick back up again.. I picture myself using the time I used to smoke taking care of myself or coloring with my kids... I picture not being sick as much and smelling better. Not having to stop at every rest stop on trips. My kids having more quality time to spend without me craving a cigarette. So you see I have s Harrison mang reasons to quit so why can't i just do it?