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Life long Obsession

Question asked by Elle0000 on Feb 15, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2020 by maryfreecig

Hi, Just advice on the best e-cig to quit smoking after 30 years of this mess. When I think about it I know that I do not even like cigarettes a little (smell, cost, sleeping issues, breathing problems, control over my life, the embarrassing crutch, the burn holes). I do not like the smell when I walk back into a room I had previously smoked. BUT I am somehow obsessed with smoking?? I think about it when when I’m not thinking about it or even if I’m not in “need”. 

I know I will need to use an e-cigarette & maybe a patch to get through the first 6 weeks. I just need to know the best one that helped ex-smoker to quit. I think I may need the ones that have the feel of a cigarette - just to get away from smoking for a day. I don’t like the vapes or the Jule-type ones. They make me cough a lot & don’t seem to get me away from cigarettes. 

In ever other aspect of my life I can control myself - even with food. But this has been the biggest mistake and pain of my life. I so wish they’d just make them illegal to buy in stores. 

Anyway, this is my very first, small step - asking for help. I’m embarrassed about how strong a hold cigarettes seem to control me and my life. It makes no logical sense. Any and all advice is much appreciated!