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Discussion created by Cousin-Itt on Feb 17, 2020
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It was a warm day here in SW Ohio.  A perfect day for a Girl Scout or three to ring my door bell and sell cookies. At first 2 Girl Scouts that looked like sister came to the door. GoGo ran out the door rolled on her back right in front of them so they could rub her belly  which they gladly did.  By the time it was all said and done I'm holding 2 Boxes of Thin Mints,     2 Boxes of Samoas and I'm $20 dollars lighter. Later in the afternoon, another ring at the door and another purchase 1 Box of Thin Mints , 1 Box of Do-Si-Dos. and another $10.

Dessert and maybe Dinner tonight will be Thin Mints.              

Joyce informed me I'm not aloud to answer the door when she is gone


What's your favorite Girl Scout Cookie          OF course Thin Mints are my favorite